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October 2018

Crawling isn’t just for babies

If you’re a child, professional athlete or somewhere in between, I would highly advise you to add some form of crawling into your training program. Thankfully crawling has grown in popularity thanks to people advocating primal movement and starting to get back to where we were at our most mobile as babies. Have you ever met a baby with back pain? How about a toddler with tight hips? Considering these and other ailments seem to be a common side effect of ageing, do infants and toddlers hold the secrets to being forever supple? It’s important to note that many factors make infants and...

The question is the answer -The problem is the solution

Last week I was at a Sport NI course and one of the presenters, Dr Edward Coughlan put up a slide that simply stated; ‘The question is the answer. The problem is the solution’. Then boom it hit me, that’s what coaching is all about. Asking the right questions rather than giving your answer and giving people problems rather than solutions. If you coach at any level, then I would advise you to really think about this statement especially in youth coaching. I’ve been that coach before and unfortunately I still see it happening today. The coach roars ‘go there’, ‘be here’,...