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January 2019

To cool down or not to cool down?

It’s the end of the session and someone says the words ‘right, time for the cool down’. At this stage a lot of us switch off, myself included. It’s even worse when you are training on your own and you know that you should do a cool down, or should you? In my own sessions, I have done away with your standard cool down where you lower the heart rate with a light jog or some other form of movement followed by static stretches. Instead I have replaced these with either nothing or some breathing and mediation techniques - more on...

Don’t just be motivated – have desire.

This week I signed up for a for the Connemara Ultra- Marathon. Not something I sign up for every week especially when the furthest I have run is a 10k race! This is something I wanted to do, not just run an ultra-marathon, but to skip a half marathon and full marathon in the process. Without sounding cocky I know myself that with some training I could complete both a half or full marathon without posting any great times but I thought why not do an event that I feel will push me more both mentally and physically. It’s something that...

Conquer your own mountain

Last week during the Christmas break I decided to climb Mount Errigal. It was a solo effort as my usual companions were unable to make it. This gave me some much needed time to myself and also made me think, why do we actually climb mountains? That day the car park at the bottom of Errigal was full. There were different groups of people walking the mountain, from young couples, families, groups of friends and even some solo climbers like myself. What reason did they have for climbing that day? Was it something to pass a few hours, a way to...